Reel Queer is a volunteer-led non-profit community group and registered charity.  We do not have paid staff.

If you'd like to volunteer please email us at info@outtakes.org.nz and we'll put you in touch with a volunteer coordinator in your area.

We welcome volunteers who can:

  • Help with distributing programmes before the festival
  • Help with ticketing at our venues as ‘Out Takes ambassadors’
  • Help out during the festival
  • Get involved as an organiser

Distribute programmes before the festival

From now until the festivals start we could use help from volunteers anywhere in New Zealand who can help with:

  • Identifying places around NZ to drop off or mail programmes and posters (all over NZ)
  • Distributing our printed programmes (all over NZ)
  • Assistance with our programme mailouts (Wellington)

Ticketing at our venues as ‘Out Takes ambassadors’

We are introducing a new ticketing system this year and that means we need volunteers to help people who go to but tickets at Rialto Cinemas, Newmarket from Saturday 17 May, or the Paramount from Saturday 24 May.

We plan to staff our own Ticketing Desks at the cinemas at lunchtimes, early evenings on weekdays, and during the day at weekends so that Out Takes filmgoers who don’t take up the online booking or phone booking options can buy tickets in person and take advantage of our Bonus Card and Early Bird booking discounts.

Ambassadors' tasks will include:

  • Setting up the ticketing desk and laptop
  • Issuing tickets and taking payments (supported by Eventfinda staff in the evenings)
  • Dealing with enquiries about the festival
  • Packing up

Ambassadors will work in pairs or threes and we will need ambassadors to attend some briefings from the cinema manager, Eventfinda and the festival organisers.

During the festival

In the lead up to and during the festival we need help with the following tasks (in these festivals or locations):

  • Staffing our ticketing desks at festival venues at lunchtimes and early evenings (might suit retired or semi-retired people for example) (Auckland and Wellington)
  • Staffing our ticket desk at the Hollywood 3 Cinema during the Christchurch festival
  • Ushering (all festivals)
  • Scanning filmgoers' tickets at venues (all festivals)
  • Meeting and greeting and supporting our festival sponsors, funders and advertisers where necessary
  • Helping with set up, serving drinks and food, and clean up at special events like our Opening Nights and the Lesbian Gala, Wellington (all festivals)

Get involved as an organiser

Running the festivals is a year round activity. The Wellington committee is the main organising committee and there are very active volunteer sub-committees in Auckland and Christchurch.

You don't need to know a lot about films to become involved. We come from a variety of backgrounds and have a real mix of skills in our committees.  A willingness to contribute ideas, but also to follow through on them with practical action is of most benefit to us.

We ask new volunteers to start off by committing to manageable tasks and we provide plenty of guidance and support.

We ask volunteers to focus on one or two of these areas:

  • Sponsorship, funding, advertisers and other supporters
  • Film sourcing and programming
  • Venues and ticketing and other logistics like the projectionists’ running sheets
  • Events like Opening Night and the Lesbian Gala
  • Preparing our promotional material like the programmes, posters, flyers and advertisements
  • Social media eg managing our Facebook and Twitter presences
  • Managing our website and updating content
  • Writing – the descriptions of films and for our publicity material
  • Managing inward and export freight of films
  • Relationships with New Zealand filmmakers and film schools
  • Outreach to other New Zealand queer groups and venues
  • Coordinating volunteers who are helping during the festival

Previewing and selecting films from over 400 submissions that we receive each year is an activity shared by all of us on the Reel Queer committees in each city. We expect volunteers to contribute in other ways as well.

We have a lot of fun! It can be hard work often, but it is rewarding to present a professional festival that is well regarded in our LGBTI and queer communities.