Dir: Christopher Stollery, Australia, 2012, 9 mins

Laurels - Best Narrative Short - Out Takes 20146 year old Andrew’s drawing leaves his parents questioning his sexuality, with disastrous consequences.

Ett Sista Farväl  Dir: Casper Andreas, Sweden, 2013, 13 mins, Swedish with English subtitles

A grieving daughter tries to reason with one of her fathers. 

Dir: Antonio De Silva, UK, 2013, 14 mins

Redheads, fire crotches... mocked by some, fetishized by others. A film made especially for ginger lovers. 

Dir: Vincent Fitz-Jim, The Netherlands, 2012, 8 mins

A teenager finds first love on a lovely summer day. 

Dir: Robyn Paterson, New Zealand, 2014, 3 mins

Queers at Auckland’s Big Gay Out are asked: “What does home mean to you?” 

Hoje eu Quero Voltar Sozinho Dir: Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil, 96 mins, Portuguese with English subtitles

Out Takes 2012 audience favourite short, I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone, has been expanded into this impressive feature. Blind teenager Leo is fully integrated into his high school, though a few bullying kids occasionally make life unpleasant. His best friend Giovanna faithfully looks after him, and he’s chomping at the bit for independence from his over-protective parents. Then, along comes new classmate Gabriel, upending Leo’s world as he finds himself falling in love. The three young leads deliver outstanding performances in this affirmative, coming-of-age romance that’s bound to be another audience favourite. 

Dir: Chris Mason Johnson, USA, 2013, 98 mins

Set in the free-spirited San Francisco of 1985, the visually stunning and beautifully choreographed Test focuses on young dancers Frankie and Todd as hate-love sparks fly between them. Novice Frankie is not quite butch enough for the choreographer, while company veteran Todd is both smoulderingly masculine and more sexually adventurous. Fear of the recently-named AIDS virus is palpable; nobody knew for certain how the disease spread, and dancers feared touching each other. As Frankie and Todd’s tentative romance deepens, the first HIV test is announced and they both wonder... should they take it? 

Todo el Sol del Mundo  Dir: Pelayo Muñiz Cabal, Spain, 2013, 13 mins, Spanish with English subtitles

A couple review their time from first meeting to parting in All The Sun Of The World

Dir: Rory Dering, USA, 2013, 19 mins

A deaf boy’s relationship with his hearing boyfriend is ending in Pittsburgh

Nubes Flotantes  Dir: Julián Hernández, Mexico, 2013, 10 mins, Spanish with English subtitles

...elsewhere, boys float in the water like Wandering Clouds.