Dir: Chris Mason Johnson, USA, 2013, 98 mins

Set in the free-spirited San Francisco of 1985, the visually stunning and beautifully choreographed Test focuses on young dancers Frankie and Todd as hate-love sparks fly between them. Novice Frankie is not quite butch enough for the choreographer, while company veteran Todd is both smoulderingly masculine and more sexually adventurous. Fear of the recently-named AIDS virus is palpable; nobody knew for certain how the disease spread, and dancers feared touching each other. As Frankie and Todd’s tentative romance deepens, the first HIV test is announced and they both wonder... should they take it? 

Dir: Rory Dering, USA, 2013, 19 mins

A deaf boy’s relationship with his hearing boyfriend is ending in Pittsburgh

Dir: Dave Scala, USA, 2013, 7 mins Grotto Marco returns home, intent on breaking some news to friends. 

Dir: Jenn Page, USA, 2014, 107 mins

An exuberant musical comedy that proves there’s no business like show business, and delivers some damn fine tunes along the way. Perky, naïve young Anthony is a musical theatre performer in Big Timber, Montana who dreams of being on Broadway. Cocky, handsome Tony works in a male stripper revue in NYC. Anthony envisions his big break when he enters a contest to be in an off-Broadway production, and Tony sees dollar signs when he finds a competition entitled ‘America’s Strip Search’. The thing is, these two contests are being run by the same company, and wouldn’t you know it but their submissions get mixed up.... 

Dir: Various, USA, 2013, 105 mins

Writer Michelle Tea’s autobiography Valencia comes to life in this fun, collaborative production. Twenty-one queer filmmakers each shot a 5–7 minute short based on a chapter from the book. The result is a raucous and colourful film documenting the fun, anarchy and adventure of being a riot grrl punk in San Francisco dyke culture, with all the romance, grit, heartbreak, experimentation, awkwardness and antics. This film is not afraid to laugh at itself and will make you fall in love with the 90s all over again, like, totally. 

Dir: Scott Gracheff, USA, 2013, 79 mins

Gay rugby player Mark Bingham was one of the passengers who stormed the cockpit of United Flight 93 during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This powerful documentary is an emotional, stirring portrait of both Mark and his mother, Alice Hoagland, who was propelled to become a staunch advocate of gay rights and godmother to the gay rugby community worldwide. Mark’s own home videos and candid interviews with friends, family, and team mates illustrate how his life and deeds inspired a nation. 

Dir: Lya Guerra, USA, 2012, 82 mins

Grace Schrafft and Grace Moceri became lovers in the 1970s. Leaving their respective husbands, with their infant children in tow they embarked on a life journey together. A beautifully crafted documentary which explores the ebb and flow of a loveship which spans almost forty years, The Love Part Of This is a heartbreaking, funny and extremely moving portrait of life and love in our times, and the stories and struggles of the two Graces will resonate with many.

Best Documentary Feature – Torino GLBT Film Festival 2013 

Dir: Heather Winters, USA, 2013, 71 mins

An award-winning documentary that asks: what is a family? Together 22 years, Nashville songwriter Desmond Child and partner Curtis Shaw approach their best friend Angela to be a surrogate mum. Twin boys are born, with Jon Bon Jovi as their not-so-ordinary godfather. There are many forces to overcome, including fighting for government recognition, and their surrogate mum’s parents not quite understanding their relationship to the boys. However, in the end they make being dads and being gay normal. 

Dirs: Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson, USA, 2013, 76 mins

Out Takes is thrilled to present the story of Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, a Native Hawaiian māhū (transgender) schoolteacher, who inspires a tomboyish young girl to claim her place as leader of a boy’s hula troupe. Proud and confident, Hina passes on ancient Hawaiian culture and traditions to her students, including respect for māhū, those who embrace both the feminine and the masculine traits. An inspiring story that offers a rare glimpse of island life that tourists seldom see, culminating in the school’s rousing year-end hula performance. 

Dir: Scott R Thompson, USA, 2012, 125 mins

Dumped by her girlfriend, gay-marriage activist Mercedes consoles herself at a bar where she meets Molly, a quirky, eccentric soul who has never slept with a woman... until now. At first she is eager to shake Molly’s desperate attentions, but when she discovers that Molly’s father is an influential senator who strongly opposes gay marriage, she hatches a plan to crash the senator’s birthday party. Posing as Molly’s lesbian fiancée she gets herself invited to the mansion. A comedy of deception which encourages us to just be who we are.