Dir: Christopher Stollery, Australia, 2012, 9 mins

Laurels - Best Narrative Short - Out Takes 20146 year old Andrew’s drawing leaves his parents questioning his sexuality, with disastrous consequences.

Dir: Luke Mayze, Australia, 2012, 16 mins

Detectives investigate a death outside gay bar The Rat and Handbag. 

Dir: Jack Taylor Cox, Australia, 2013, 11 mins

At his grandfather’s wake, Neil struggles to stay in control when an offensive guest shows up in Trunk.  

Dir: Tonnette Stanford, Australia, 2013, 11 mins

...while Jade loses her flatmate’s bling in an unusual place in Justin Beaver (Love Bytes)

Dir: Will Kuether, Australia, 2012, 6 mins

Shopping tells a tale of missed opportunities... 

Dir: Kelli Jean Drinkwater, Australia, 2013, 22 mins

Aquaporko follows Melbourne’s fat femme synchronised swim team, pioneering friendship and fat activism.