Short Film

Dir: Christopher Stollery, Australia, 2012, 9 mins

Laurels - Best Narrative Short - Out Takes 20146 year old Andrew’s drawing leaves his parents questioning his sexuality, with disastrous consequences.

Ett Sista Farväl  Dir: Casper Andreas, Sweden, 2013, 13 mins, Swedish with English subtitles

A grieving daughter tries to reason with one of her fathers. 

Dir: Antonio De Silva, UK, 2013, 14 mins

Redheads, fire crotches... mocked by some, fetishized by others. A film made especially for ginger lovers. 

Dir: Vincent Fitz-Jim, The Netherlands, 2012, 8 mins

A teenager finds first love on a lovely summer day. 

Dir: Robyn Paterson, New Zealand, 2014, 3 mins

Queers at Auckland’s Big Gay Out are asked: “What does home mean to you?” 

Dir: Kelsey Sutcliffe, New Zealand, 2013, 12 mins

What’s Emily to do when her maid of honour confesses that she loves her? 

O Amor que não Ousa Dizer seu Nome  Dir: Bárbara Roma Fadil, Brazil, 2013, 15 mins, Portuguese with English subtitles

From the moment Leila and Michela met, desire has grown between them. 

Dir: Luke Mayze, Australia, 2012, 16 mins

Detectives investigate a death outside gay bar The Rat and Handbag. 

Todo el Sol del Mundo  Dir: Pelayo Muñiz Cabal, Spain, 2013, 13 mins, Spanish with English subtitles

A couple review their time from first meeting to parting in All The Sun Of The World

Dir: Rory Dering, USA, 2013, 19 mins

A deaf boy’s relationship with his hearing boyfriend is ending in Pittsburgh