Mai Dai Kor Hai Ma Rak Dir: Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, Thailand, 103 mins, Thai with English subtitles

Three intertwined stories take a candid, empathetic look at Thai ladyboys’ quests for personal, family and community acceptance – and their achievement: it really does get better. Cosmopolitan and glamorous, middle-aged transwoman Saitarn finds herself out of place in a rural village; a young boy is forced into a monastery after his father finds him dancing in his mother’s clothes; and expat Tonmai discovers that his late, estranged father has left him a ladyboy cabaret in Pattaya. Gorgeous scenery, spectacular performances, and entertaining club routines complete a portrait of transgender lives rediscovered and redeemed. 

Dirs: Kate Johnston & Shauna MacDonald, Canada, 2013, 87 mins

Laurels - Best Feature - Out Takes 2014Tru is a single lesbian who cannot commit to a relationship or a job for long... that is, until she meets Alice, a beautiful widow who has come to town to visit her daughter, Tru’s friend Suzanne. Suzanne leads a busy corporate life-style and asks Tru to look after Alice while she works. A strong bond forms between the two women and tensions escalate after Suzanne witnesses an intimate moment between them. She tries to sabotage the budding romance, but it backfires, as Tru Love is hard to contain.