Thu 22 May
Time Title
7:15pm Heterosexual Jill
7:15pm GBF
Fri 23 May
Time Title
12:30pm The Way He Looks
6:30pm Mía
6:50pm Child's Play
8:35pm Free Fall
Sat 24 May
Time Title
1:00pm Two: The Story Of Roman And Nyro
2:45pm Kumu Hina
4:45pm Boys
5:00pm Cool, Calm And Connected
6:30pm Rosie
8:35pm Bye Bye Blondie
Sun 25 May
Time Title
12:15pm I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives Of Wakefield Poole
2:00pm International Relations
2:10pm Born This Way
3:50pm The Rugby Player
5:50pm The Love Part Of This
7:35pm Getting Go: The Go Doc Project
Mon 26 May
Time Title
12:30pm GBF
6:40pm I Feel Like Disco
8:35pm Cherry
Tue 27 May
Time Title
12:30pm Boys
6:35pm The Way He Looks
8:30pm Tru Love
Wed 28 May
Time Title
12:30pm I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives Of Wakefield Poole
6:40pm Beyond The Binary 2
8:30pm Test
Thu 29 May
Time Title
12:30pm Test
6:40pm Cool, Calm And Connected
8:30pm Hawaii
Fri 30 May
Time Title
12:30pm Geography Club
6:40pm In The Name Of...
8:35pm Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth
Sat 31 May
Time Title
12:50pm My Prairie Home
2:30pm Complex Worlds
4:25pm Codebreaker
6:10pm Molly's Girl
6:30pm International Relations
8:35pm The Last Match
Sun 1 Jun
Time Title
12:40pm The Case Against 8
2:50pm Beyond The Binary 2
4:30pm Child's Play
4:45pm Camp Beaverton: Meet The Beavers
6:40pm Geography Club
8:10pm Two Mothers
8:25pm I'm A Porn Star
Mon 2 Jun
Time Title
1:30pm Kidnapped For Christ
3:25pm It Gets Better
5:30pm Complex Worlds
7:30pm Matterhorn
Tue 3 Jun
Time Title
12:30pm Tru Love
8:30pm Valencia
Wed 4 Jun
Time Title
6:40pm Two Mothers
8:20pm Waiting In The Wings: The Musical