Two: The Story Of Roman And Nyro

Total running time: 84 mins

Contains adult themes

Ett Sista Farväl  Dir: Casper Andreas, Sweden, 2013, 13 mins, Swedish with English subtitles

A grieving daughter tries to reason with one of her fathers. 

Dir: Heather Winters, USA, 2013, 71 mins

An award-winning documentary that asks: what is a family? Together 22 years, Nashville songwriter Desmond Child and partner Curtis Shaw approach their best friend Angela to be a surrogate mum. Twin boys are born, with Jon Bon Jovi as their not-so-ordinary godfather. There are many forces to overcome, including fighting for government recognition, and their surrogate mum’s parents not quite understanding their relationship to the boys. However, in the end they make being dads and being gay normal.