GBF is one of the very fun feature films at our Opening Nights. See more details of these special events at Opening Night Auckland (22 May), Opening Night Wellington (29 May) and Opening Night Christchurch (12 June).

Contains sexual references and content that may offend

Dir: Darren Stein, USA, 2013, 94 mins

Social warfare erupts in a suburban high school when the most popular girls compete to bag the big trend in fashion accessories, the Gay Best Friend. Tanner and Brent are gay but in the closet. Brent longs for the spotlight, believing that coming out will make him instantly popular, while Tanner just hopes to graduate without ever being noticed. When Tanner is accidentally outed instead of Brent, things go crazy pretty quickly. Frothy and colourful, GBF is chock full of one-liners and enough glittering teenage homosexiness to leave you feeling gaymazing for weeks.

GBF is our feature film for Opening Night Auckland, Opening Night Wellington, and Opening Night Christchurch.