Cool, Calm And Connected

Lesbian tales of love, loss and everything in between.

Total running time: 89 mins

Director Kelli Jean Drinkwater introduces her film Aquaporko in Wellington on 2 June.

Contains violence, sex scenes, offensive language and horror

Dir: Kelli Jean Drinkwater, Australia, 2013, 22 mins

Aquaporko follows Melbourne’s fat femme synchronised swim team, pioneering friendship and fat activism. 

Dir: Will Kuether, Australia, 2012, 6 mins

Shopping tells a tale of missed opportunities... 

Dir: Kate Johnston, Canada, 2012, 14 mins Stormcloud missionaries try selling Vi their version of love and sin. 

Dir: Ping-Wen Wang, USA, 2014, 11 mins

In Between Us Ariel begins an affair with a married woman... 

Dir: Tonnette Stanford, Australia, 2013, 11 mins

...while Jade loses her flatmate’s bling in an unusual place in Justin Beaver (Love Bytes)

Dir: Kellee Terrell, USA, 2013, 10 mins

A couple try to avoid death – and hash out their relationship issues – during the zombie apocalypse in Goodnight My Love.  

Dir: Patty Newton, USA, 2011, 11 mins

In Pursuit, Diana deliberately speeds to catch the attention of Officer Cate.