Camp Beaverton: Meet The Beavers

Total running time: 93 mins

Contains violence, sexual themes, offensive language and content that may disturb

Dirs: Ana Grillo & Beth Nelsen, USA, 2013, 62 mins

The Beavers of Camp Beaverton, participants in Nevada’s annual Burning Man event, provide a secure oasis for women to explore their sexuality. In the spirit of community, art, and self-expression, the Beavers welcome all colours of the rainbow family – lesbian, bisexual, trans, genderqueer and beyond – who come together to commune and play.

O Amor que não Ousa Dizer seu Nome  Dir: Bárbara Roma Fadil, Brazil, 2013, 15 mins, Portuguese with English subtitles

From the moment Leila and Michela met, desire has grown between them. 

Dir: Luke Mayze, Australia, 2012, 16 mins

Detectives investigate a death outside gay bar The Rat and Handbag.